Here we go! Today’s Top Leaders in Tech Podcast is LIVE! 

After several months of preparation, I am very excited to finally have episodes start dropping each week to help you with building the excellent technology career that you want for yourself. This is because I’m on a mission to help tech leaders have career excellence for themselves and their teams. To help with that, thought it would be really awesome to round up some great tech leaders and have them weigh-in on what geeks can do to be awesome in the workplace.

Check out why I created Today’s Top Leaders in Tech with Episode #1

With the launch of Today’s Top Leaders in Tech, I am honored to have Nicole Toomey-Davis as my first guest. She is a wicked smart tech leader and does remarkable work in the entrepreneurial space. We had so much to talk about in our interview that the podcast was divided up into two separate episodes. Check out our interviews with Part #1 and Part #2 on Today’s Top Leaders.

My podcast guests are nominated, so if you love your boss – or maybe a former boss – please nominate them to be on Today’s Top Leaders in Tech Podcast. You can find the nomination form here… imagine what a Rockstar you’ll be to them for nominating them! 

Each Wednesday, a new episode of Today’s Top Leaders Podcast will go live, so make sure to add this podcast to your favorite player to get the updates for new episodes. 

You can have career excellence… it will take work, but that work will be worthwhile. Listen to Today’s Top Leaders Podcast each week to get great ideas for how you can build the tech career that you want!